For Sale

3 bedroom - 2 1/2 bath raised ranch on 2 acres.

The Numbers

The price is $335,000.00.


Q: How much are the taxes?
A: [First installment of the 2011 taxes are paid. They are based on 55% of 2010's taxes. 2011 taxes totalled are $7379.38 on the front acre with the house. The back acre's taxes are $1219.08. ]

Q: What school districts is the home in?
A: [We are in school district elementary 164 and high school district 228, Memorial Elementary School, Central Middle School and Tinley Park High School.]

Q: How did we come up with the price?
A: [We paid for an appraisal of our home. Comps in the area have sold up to $280,000.00, Kimberly Heights 2/12. Plus the value of a separate 1 acre lot.]

Q: What financing do I need?
A: [ Rates are at an all time low. Any type of loan will purchase this home, VA, FHA or conventional. You should contact multiple mortgage companies to find the best rate. As of 5/25/12 3.78% for 30 years. Speak with a mortgage broker and get pre-qualified. I will not entertain any offers, or even show the property if you are not pre-qualified. ]

Q: Do I need a realtor to buy the home?
A: [NO. While Realtors can be helpful. You only need an attorney that specializes in real estate transactions. You should have an attorney prior to looking at any homes. Even if your realtor prepares the contract, your attorney will need to review it prior to acceptance. Usually a 3 day review. Your attorney will handle writing your offer, reviewing any counter offers, take care of your closing including review of the title policy. ]